Clarity Capital Advisors provides flat fee, fee only fiduciary wealth management to clients nationwide.

Financial advisors talk about keeping costs low - until it comes to their advisory fees.

Financial advisors have been charging their clients a percentage (e.g.,1%) of the total assets they manage since the early 1990s. Yet, financial technology has drastically reduced the costs for advisors to provide wealth management services. Still, many advisors refuse to lower their clients' fees to reflect their reduced costs. This means investors are stuck paying high advisory fees that can rob them of a significant portion of their assets every year. Imagine the impact of a 1% fee to your retirement savings over 25 to 30 years.

At Clarity, we have passed the savings directly to our clients in the form of low, flat fees. Keeping our fees to a minimum enables our clients to increase their investment returns and have a better opportunity of achieving their financial goals. This is what real fiduciary financial advisors do.

Our Fiduciary Wealth Management Services

Provided by experienced and credentialed CFA® and CFP® financial professionals



Retirement Planning Solutions

Your retirement is perhaps one of the greatest financial goals you will fund during your career. Our team of experienced and credentialed (CFA® and CFP®) financial professionals will work with you to establish sensible savings goals, income strategies, and tax-efficient investment options to keep you on track.


Customized Investment Solutions

We do not utilize robo-advisors or inflexible model portfolios. You will have a low-cost, highly diversified investment portfolio customized to your unique financial goals such as minimizing taxes, growing your assets, or creating an income stream in retirement. Unlike many advisors, we do not require you to sell your existing investments to work with us.


Tax and Estate Planning Solutions

We partner with your CPA and Estate Planning Attorney to provide you with a complete wealth team that will ensure your affairs are in order, your tax situation is monitored, and your planning and investments are in line with your goals and income needs.


College Savings and Charitable Giving Solutions

Get smart about saving for a child’s education. We will help you maximize your savings with a 529 plan.
Let us help you manage your charitable giving for a fraction of the cost of establishing a private foundation through a low-cost Donor-Advised Fund.

Why choose a Fee Only, Flat Fee Wealth Management firm?

Clarity Capital Advisors is a fee-only, flat-fee, wealth management firm legally bound by the Fiduciary Standard of Care. Fee-only means our only form of compensation is the flat fee we charge for our fiduciary wealth management services. True to our name, Clarity, we believe you are entitled to honesty, full transparency in advisory and investment fees, and sound investment and financial planning advice. Being fee-only means we've eliminated the conflicts of interest associated with fee-based (fee and commission) and commissioned financial advisors.

We are not brokers or fee-based advisors. Therefore, we do not have an affiliation with a broker-dealer, nor do we recommend investments with sales commissions, surrender charges, or hidden fees, such as mutual fund 12b-1 fees. Real fiduciary advisors are not brokers or fee-based (fee and commission) advisors.

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