Customized, Diversified Investment Portfolios

 Clarity Capital Advisors offers low-cost, tax-efficient investment portfolios tailored to your individual needs and goals. 

We recognize that not all investors are well-served by model portfolios, which is why we offer Customized Investment Portfolio options. This can be especially helpful for someone who already has a sensible portfolio of low-cost mutual funds and ETFs from iShares, Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard, or Dimensional where it would be costly from a tax standpoint (i.e., significant embedded capital gains) to transition it into one of our highly diversified portfolios. Our customized portfolios give investors the opportunity to immediately reduce their advisory fees while retaining their existing asset allocation and investments.


The Importance of a Personalized Investment Policy Statement

An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) describes the investment philosophies and investment management procedures to be utilized in consideration of your long-term goals. The principal reason for developing a customized investment policy and for putting it in writing is to enable you and us to protect your portfolio from ad hoc revisions of a sound long-term policy. Without an investment policy, in times of market turmoil, clients are often inclined to make impromptu investment decisions that are inconsistent with prudent investment management principles.  An IPS is intended to provide a well thought out framework from which sound investment decisions can be made. At Clarity, each client receives a personalized IPS based on their time horizon, liquidity needs, risk tolerance, tax situation, and other special circumstances. 


Do you see a pattern in the chart below? Neither do we.

As the chart below indicates, performance from year-to-year is completely unpredictable. This, in a nutshell, is why Clarity Capital Advisors advocates owning all the asset classes that are worth owning, and for each of those asset classes, our clients own a wide range of securities. 


Our Investment Philosophy is Based on Academic Research, Not Wall Street Hype


When designing our investment portfolios, we look to the extensive Nobel-Prize winning academic research conducted by professors such as Eugene Fama (2013 Laureate for his work in Market Efficiency and Asset Pricing Theory) and Harry Markowitz (1990 Laureate for his formulation of Modern Portfolio Theory).

Our tax-efficient investment portfolios are comprised of no sales commission or 12b-1 fee mutual funds and ETFs from Vanguard, Dimensional, and Avantis Investors. Each customized portfolio is designed to capture the returns offered by the global financial markets based upon our clients' individual willingness, ability, and need to assume risk. 


The Core Investment Strategy
A Smarter Way to Invest

Low cost. No sales commissions. No hidden 12b-1 fees. 


Core Mutual Funds: Lower Costs Equate to Higher Expected Returns 

At Clarity, we utilize total market (Core) mutual funds rather than specific asset class funds. This approach enables our clients to have lower overall expense ratios (fund costs) and lower trading costs (and possibly taxes). For example, if a small cap stock transitions to a large cap stock, the small cap fund must sell it and the large cap fund will buy it. This can create capital gains within the small cap fund that may be passed along to investors, in addition to the trading costs to sell and buy. In a Core fund, this type of trading is minimized. We call this smart investing.


Tax-Efficient Core Mutual Funds: Simplicity Over Complexity 

Since utilizing core mutual funds favors simplicity over complexity, it is fair to ask if investors are sacrificing the opportunity for higher returns by not owning highly specific asset class funds such as international small value. Indeed, some advisors will argue that you should have at least a dozen different mutual funds in your portfolio (it certainly makes them look busy). We obviously disagree and not because it makes our job easier to manage fewer funds. Our portfolio management software, enables us to manage any number of funds, and for clients who have significant unrealized capital gains in investments they transfer to us, we do exactly that. While indeed (based on long-term historical data), there are allocations that have higher expected returns than the core mutual funds; those higher expected returns come at a price of higher risk (in the form of higher volatility or divergence from the returns of the market or both). Aside from diversification, there are no free lunches in investing. The bottom line is that investors should not conflate the issues of simplicity versus complexity and the expected returns of portfolios. At Clarity Capital Advisors, we prefer the core funds because they cover entire markets in an effective and efficient manner.

Each highly diversified Core Portfolio is competitively priced with very low weighted expense ratios varying from 0.20 to 0.24% annually. You will have exposure to over 13,000 stocks of different companies from 40 countries around the world, so no matter which one hits a grand slam, there is an excellent chance that you will own it. Your bond allocation will include government and investment-grade corporate bonds. For clients in high marginal tax brackets we may incorporate individual municipal bonds or municipal bond mutual funds within their taxable accounts. Learn more about our core (total market) mutual fund and ETF providers Dimensional, Avantis Investors, and Vanguard.


Trading Costs

As part of our commitment to full transparency in fees, we would like to share the costs associated with trading your investment accounts. Our custodian, TD Ameritrade Institutional, does not charge any annual account maintenance fees, wire transfer fees, or ACH transfer fees. Instead they charge a low, flat trading fee of $9.99 per trade to buy and sell the Dimensional funds. TD Ameritrade Institutional provides our clients with some of the lowest trading fees in the industry for Dimensional mutual funds and allows to trade exchange-traded funds (ETFs) free of charge. 


Trading costs to buy or sell other mutual funds may be up to $24.00 per fund.

Monthly Investment Plans at TD Ameritrade Institutional:  Clients who wish to establish a systematic monthly investment plan (dollar-cost averaging) from their checking or savings account are able to purchase the Dimensional funds free of charge once the initial investment portfolio is established.