Our Flat Per Participant Fees Provide Total Fee Transparency

Low cost plans. No asset-based fees. No hidden revenue-sharing 12b-1 fees. No high-cost mutual funds.


We turn good plans into great plans by lowering overall plan costs and increasing investment returns for employees.

As plan fiduciaries, we know what makes a good plan great, and it has a lot to do with keeping overall plan costs to a minimum. Unfortunately, the majority of plans out there are still paying excessive plan fees. High plan fees combined with high-cost investment options (some with hidden 12b-1 fees for revenue-sharing) can force employees to work longer because the fees take a significant portion of their investment returns over time. We doubt this was the intention of the employer when the plan was initially established.

Plan Administrators are busy people and wear many hats throughout the day. There are more important projects that need to be tackled, and let's face it searching for and finding a new plan provider is extremely time-consuming. So a plan may go many years without a fresh set of eyes looking for opportunities to cut costs. We are that fresh set of eyes, and we want you to have a better plan for your employees.


Retirement Plan Quote


The Ideal Flat Fee Retirement Plan 

There is no need to waste your time making endless calls searching for a new low-cost plan provider when we already have our provider partnerships in place. Simply request a quote for your plan by calling 800-345-4635 ext. 0 or  email us at retirement@clarityca.com. We will contact you for a brief introduction and ask a few questions regarding your existing plan.

Based on our conversation, we will search through our low-cost, industry leading retirement plan providers and provide you with a fee transparent, competitively priced plan quote, including our fiduciary plan advisor fees, which are always based on a flat-fee and/or a flat per participant fee. Normal turnaround time for a quote is two business days.


We are Plan Fiduciaries Who Help Employers Across the Country

ERISA 3(21) Advisor or 3(38) Manager


Employers are no longer limited to the high-cost plan advisors and providers based in their state. We are happy to travel to your location to meet with you and your employees one-on-one, in addition to our ongoing phone and email support.

Clarity Capital Advisors is an independent, fee-only registered investment advisor (RIA) firm legally bound by the fiduciary standard of care. We are held to the highest standard of responsibility to our plan sponsors and their employees as an ERISA 3(21) Advisor or an ERISA 3(38) Manager.


Keep Plan Providers Honest by Paying Plan Fees Directly to the Provider, Not Out of Plan Assets

Plan provider and advisor fees that are paid directly by the company are tax-deductible as an expense.

Plan provider and advisor fees that are deducted directly from plan assets (e.g., participant accounts) are not tax-deductible and can hide a myriad of fees and serve as a cloak for high cost mutual funds with hidden 12b-1 revenue sharing fees and expensive asset-based fees. We give plan sponsors the option to pay a portion or all of the plan's fees directly to us and their plan provider. Another reason to consider flat-fee, per participant pricing combined with low-cost, no commission, no revenue-sharing mutual funds.


Our Plan Partners are Low-Cost 401(k) Plan Leaders

When it comes to selecting a retirement plan provider, costs, services provided, reputation and expertise are all very important. We believe our providers offer competitively priced plans with exceptional service and many years of experience in this market.

These are some of the plan providers we work with and each is unique in their offering. We bring our knowledge and expertise of each provider's platform to quickly eliminate those who do not meet the criteria for your plan. Take a moment to request a free quote for your retirement plan by calling 800-345-4635.



Features of the Clarity 401(k) Profit-Sharing Plan

  • Ultra low-cost index funds, mutual funds, and target retirement funds
  • Institutional and Admiral share classes for the best pricing. No hidden fees. No 12b-1 revenue sharing mutual funds.
  • Flat-fee pricing makes it easy to provide full disclosure of all fees and charges associated with your plan
  • Low-cost investment options from Vanguard and Dimensional Fund Advisors
  • Quarterly plan review call or on-site meeting with plan sponsor and administrators 
  • Quarterly benchmarking report and plan analysis
  • Robust online interface for plan sponsors and a dedicated employee website with retirement planning tools
  • Employee Risk Assessment
  • eMoney Personal Financial Management software for employees
  • Annual 401(k) Days at your location for employees. As Certified Financial Planner professionals, we meet with employees one-on-one to answer questions and discuss retirement planning, saving for a child's college education, retirement income planning, and their investing needs.
  • Do you have an existing relationship with a third party administrator? Our plan providers are able to partner with many third party administrators.


Smart Investment Options for your Employees - No hidden fees, commissions, or revenue-sharing mutual funds.

Low-Cost Target Date Funds from Vanguard - Built on the principles of high diversification and low costs, these funds automatically adjust their risk level based on the number of years remaining to the targeted retirement date.

Low-Cost, Highly Diversified Model Portfolios - Our model portfolios range from conservative to aggressive allocations and are designed to capture the returns of broad market indexes offered across the global financial markets using Vanguard and Dimensional Fund Advisors  mutual funds. No 12b-1 fees or revenue-sharing mutual funds.

Build Your Own Portfolio - Employees may choose from a wide selection of low-cost funds from Vanguard and Dimensional Fund Advisors. 

Participant Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts from TD Ameritrade Institutional



Personal Financial Management Software for Your Retirement Plan Participants


We help employees plan and save for retirement with our new eMoney Personal Financial Management software offering. Employees will be able to add personal financial goals such as saving for retirement or a child's college education. The software will track their savings toward each goal and monitor their investments. 




Benefits of moving your plan now vs. plan year end:

  • Moving your plan now will quickly relieve you of your frustration or concerns with your current advisor/plan provider. You will immediately begin saving money on plan fees and expenses, and reap the benefits of our flat-fee platform for several months.
  • You avoid plan transition and employee enrollment meetings during the holiday season.
  • Some plan providers shut down the number of plans/assets that can be liquidated on a certain date (common for January 1 conversions due to the busy time at year end).
  • All of the attention will be on your plan, as many employers procrastinate and wait until the 10/31 deadline.
  • Your current provider won't be responsible for year-end activity.


Questions to ask a potential Retirement Plan Advisor:

  1. What are the total costs associated with the plan? Typical plan fees include, recordkeeping costs, third party administrator fees, custodian fees, plan (financial) advisor fees, mutual fund expense ratios and the weighted expense ratios of the model portfolios. Have the advisor list all of these fees in a simple to read and understand format. If you are unsure how to calculate a basis point fee based on plan assets, ask the advisor to calculate the fee into dollars. This is important to have in writing!
  2. How are plan fees calculated? Are plan fees fixed and reviewed each year? Are you using expensive mutual funds with 12b-1 fees to offset (hide) plan expenses, when a lower cost share class for the same fund is available? If so, why?
  3. How is the plan advisor paid? Is it based on a percentage of the assets in the plan or on a flat per participant basis? Do not pay an advisor based on a percentage of your plan's assets!
  4. Are you Certified Financial Planner (CFP) professionals? What type of retirement planning education will you provide to our employees?